Porno Meme ( pronounced Porno MEEM) is a small X rated or NSFW (Not Safe For Work) photo or graphic often with a  message,  that spreads from person to person via the Internet

They can be funny, vulgar, provocative, socially relevant, political  or otherwise just plain offensive. We encourage uploading and sharing of jpgs, gifs, animated gifs and all adult humor memes however,

Share with Care!

We actively promote meme-sharing however because of the small size of Memes, the short amount of communication or message contained within the Meme; combined with the Internet’s social and viral potential, Memes  can propagate much quicker than any type of information. For these reasons we don’t recommend shoving the wrong material in front of the wrong audience. Porno Meme is an 18 years and older site Please read our rules!